Election Planning

Elections for school trustees are held at the same time as local government elections. School trustees are elected by public school taxpayers and serve a four-year term. The next election occurs in October 2021.

What is the role of a School Trustee?

Trustees act as advocates to ensure our students receive the best possible educational opportunities. Trustees must be prepared to put the needs of students first. They must also be willing to act in the best interests of all division schools and students, and not focus their efforts on a particular issue or school.

School board trustees play a vital role in managing the affairs of the division. As elected officials, they're accountable to the community they serve and are responsible for overseeing and directing the operations of the school division.

Their responsibilities include setting priorities for the school system based on available resources, adopting an annual budget, developing policies to guide administration and advocating to ensure education remains a public priority.

Resources for School Trustee

Who can become a Candidate?

Candidates seeking trusteeship must be eligible to vote in the election and have been a resident of the jurisdiction and ward for six consecutive months prior to nomination day. Candidates must not be otherwise disqualified.

Candidates may not be the auditor of the local jurisdiction for which the election is held. Candidates may not be employed by a school district, school division, charter school or private school on nomination day. An employee who wishes to be nominated as a candidate must apply for a leave of absence before the last working day before nomination day. Other conditions apply under s22(1) LAEA.

More information can be found at For Candidates.

Rules of Residence – Faith

Candidates must be a resident of a public school district or division or resident of a separate school district. If an individual lives within the boundaries of a separate school district and is the same faith (Roman Catholic) of the established district, that person is a resident of the separate school district.

Pecuniary Interest

  • There are several situations (described in Section 85 of the Education Act where a trustee must disclose his/her interests as well as the interests of his/her spouse or adult independent partner and children.
  • The board secretary shall provide a copy to every trustee and the officials and employees of the board that the board directs.
  • Some circumstances related to the pecuniary interest can disqualify a trustee from office.
  • All pecuniary interests must be disclosed prior to discussion of the related manner.

Candidate Online Resources

A number of online resources are available for those who are interested in exploring the possibility of running in the upcoming trustee election.

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