Disability Services

Disability Services

As a branch of Sturgeon Public Schools, the Disability Services (DS) Team provides specialized support for families of and children with disabilities. Disability Services compliment the learning and functioning of the child(ren) in the home and school community.

The Disability Services team works in partnership with FSCD for family centered services. Families of children in pre-kindergarten to grade 12 with extraordinary needs, can apply for DS services for their family and child with an application through FSCD.  

This is non-educational programming and geared to support skill development, participation, and functioning in meaningful day-to-day activities and experiences that will assist in both the child(ren)'s life and educational journey. 

Two types of services provided are:

  • Behavioural/Development Supports (BDS)
  • Specialized Services (SS)

Services are provided in-person or virtually, directly or in consultation.

The DS Team is comprised of:

  • A speech-language pathologist
  • An occupational therapist 
  • A psychologist
  • A physical therapist
  • A behaviour specialist
  • A home facilitator
  • A family coach


The Disability Services office is located in Gibbons School.

For more information, contact 780.939.4341 Ext 1265 or visit,

Disability Services website