Four Winds Public School Teacher Wins Prestigious Prime Minister’s Award

Nov 24, 2021

Teacher Ms. Lacey Brockoff is being recognized for her innovative way of teaching Math.


MORINVILLE, AB – Sturgeon Public Schools is delighted to announce that teacher Ms. Lacey Brockhoff (now Pasemko) has been awarded a Regional Certificate of Achievement for the 2021 Prime Minister’s Award (PMA) for Teaching Excellence in STEM. Having a teacher win a Prime Minister’s Award, is a tremendous honour for Ms. Brockoff, Four Winds Public School, and our whole community.

Ms. Brockoff loves teaching Math and her enthusiasm for the subject has been instilled in many students. She has created a 360-degree classroom where students get to move, not sit; work together, not alone. Every aspect of her classroom is designed to encourage thinking, deepen understanding, and build relationships. Her problem-based Math lessons create open ended, multiple-entry point opportunities that draw in more students than conventional rote teaching and memorizing. In short, Ms. Brockoff makes Math fun.

“Ms. Brockoff is an excellent teacher whose passion, innovation, and commitment has had a profound affect on professional practice and student learning in our community,” says Principal Dan Requa.

Ms. Brockoff will receive a certificate signed by the Prime Minister, acknowledging her accomplishment and the school’s support and contribution to teaching excellence in STEM.



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