Conflict Resolution

Healthy Interactions

The Board of Trustees believe that Healthy Interactions is the primary conflict resolution model to be used by employees of Sturgeon Public Schools in working with all members of the school community. The strategies in Healthy Interactions also work for situations involving students and parents/guardians.

Healthy Interactions Model

Healthy Interactions is the model Sturgeon Public Schools uses to resolve conflict. This approach is based on involving the right parties and creating and maintaining open lines of communication. It is an ongoing process in which everyone involved commits to making relationships work – a winning approach for staff, parents, community and especially for students.

Healthy Interactions is the one standard and consistent way we handle all concerns, problems and issues in all our schools and throughout the division.

Healthy Interactions focuses on several principles:

  1. If you have a concern with an individual, you take your concern directly to them.
  2. When resolving conflict, we must shift from positions to interests.
  3. When we are resolving conflict, we must be hard on issues and soft on people.

Road Map for Healthy Interactions

Healthy Interactions Template

Sometimes conflict can be complex enough that a resolution template is helpful in supporting a successful resolution. This template can be used to plan for successful resolution and during resolution discussions.

Healthy Interactions Template

Information for Parents

Healthy Interactions protocols encourage parents and teachers to build positive relationships, which helps parents be better advocates for their children.

Information for Parents

Healthy Interactions asks each of us to address our concerns directly with the individual in a calm and productive way. This does not mean that administration at the school and district level do not get involved with concerns. There are some concerns from staff and parents that require leadership to intervene and support. If you have questions about whether your principal should be involved, please contact them.