The knowledge and skills that students are expected to learn is classified as the curriculum. The curriculum used at Sturgeon Public Schools is set  by Alberta Education, the government department responsible for education in Alberta. 

Our schools deliver the curriculum through different program types. In the classroom, our teachers practice a teaching method called differentiated instruction. This teaches the curriculum in a way that meets the varying needs of students.

Alberta Curriculum

Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 are taught according to a curriculum set by Alberta Education. The curriculum outlines what students are expected to know and do at each grade level and in all subjects, from language arts to physical education.

To view the curriculum for each grade, visit My Child’s Learning and see the high-level overviews below.

Grades at a Glance, K-9

Core Subjects at a Glance, High School

Differentiated Instruction

When it comes to learning, one size does not fit all. Students learn at different rates and in different ways. On any given day, in any given subject, different students will have difficulty learning new skills and concepts.

Differentiated instruction is a teaching method used in all Sturgeon Public Schools classrooms. It is part of the way our teachers plan and practice instruction.

With differentiated instruction, teachers get to know their students and their various learning needs. They then adjust their methods and teach the material in different ways to engage each student. This can include small group instruction, computer modeling, hands-on projects, presentations, etc.

Differentiated instruction also allows for students to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge in ways that best fit them. As student needs evolve, so do the lesson plans and teaching practices of the teacher.

When instruction is provided at the level of a student and in a manner that engages their interests, the results are motivated students and great education. By providing more choices in how individuals learn, we are providing more opportunities for students to succeed. 

Program Types

Sturgeon Public Schools is focused on helping children achieve success in education. Our schools teach the Alberta curriculum. We deliver the curriculum through a variety of programming, which can be broadly organized into regular, alternative and inclusive education categories.

Regular Programming

All of our schools offer regular programming but not necessarily in the same way. While all schools teach the curriculum, each has its own focus, optional courses, athletics and extracurricular activities. It all depends on how a school is organized to meet its students’ needs.

Alternative Programming

Many of our schools offer alternative programming, where students learn the curriculum while focusing on a specific area. For example, French Immersion, LOGOS, Hockey Academy, Enrichment, Advanced Placement, Registered Apprenticeship, Sport for Life, Dance Academy.

Inclusive Education Programming

All our schools are inclusive education environments, offering various programs to maximize a student’s potential and success. Our Inclusive Learning Team works with parents to develop specialized programs that fit the individual’s needs and abilities.