Healthy Living

Sturgeon Public Schools has various programs to promote health and wellness among students. In addition to our varied athletics programs, our schools provide nutrition programs and promote positive and active living.

Fit for Life

Fit for Life is a complimentary course offered in junior high. It is designed to develop students into informed, independent decision-makers who will make healthy lifestyle choices a lifelong habit. 

Students are motivated to:

  • Learn lifelong fitness concepts
  • Do self-directed fitness activities
  • Create individualized fitness programs
  • Set their own goals
  • Assess their own progress 

Fit for Life provides instruction on:

  • Cardio, flexibility and circuit training
  • Jogging, running, skating and outdoor activities
  • Nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Safe strength training

Hot Lunch Programs

Various nutrition programs are offered throughout Sturgeon Public Schools. These may include milk programs, hot lunch programs and breakfast programs.

Contact your school directly for specific information.

Neurosequential Model for Education (NME)

Many of Sturgeon Public School's schools and staff are engaged in the work of the Neurosequential Model for Education (NME) developed by Dr. Bruce Perry. This model helps support our children who struggle with social/ emotional and behavioral challenges. Building on Positive Behavior Supports and Collaborative Problem Solving, NME provides another layer of understanding of challenging behaviors, state dependent learning, and offers strategies for building healthy and resilient children. In bringing together the best understandings of brain research, the impact of childhood trauma, and best instructional practices for behavioral support, our schools are building classrooms where the impact of disabilities are significantly lessened and our children are ready and able to learn.