Knowing more than one language is an increasingly vital skill in today’s global world. Studying foreign languages and cultures expands students’ thinking and worldview, as well as opens up more opportunities for post-secondary education, employment and travel.

Learning a language is also proven to enhance cognitive and analytical abilities. It is great mental exercise and can increase a student’s confidence and sense of self worth.

French as a Second Language

French as a Second Language instruction begins in Grade 4 and is available at Sturgeon Public Schools through to Grade 12. Students learn to communicate in French and gain an appreciation for the French culture.

Learning to understand and use French is an important aspect of being a Canadian and a global citizen. In addition, second language learners benefit from sharpened thinking skills and learning strategies. They also tend to perform better in other subject areas including mathematics. 

French Immersion

Being bilingual opens doors to a wider world of opportunities. It produces excellent students and creative thinkers fluent in both languages. French immersion allows students to become fluent in French while achieve all the objectives of the regular school program.

Sturgeon Public Schools offers a French immersion program at École Morinville Public School and Four Winds Public School.  The program is currently offered from Kindergarten to Grade 7, and will continue to grow a grade each year (Grade 8 in 20-21, Grade 9 in 21-22).

The program is designed for students whose first language is not French. It requires no pre-knowledge or special skills, and it is not necessary for French to be spoken at home.

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German as a Second Language

German as a second language is offered in Grades 10 to 12 at Sturgeon Composite High School. Students can progress from no knowledge of German to the equivalent of introductory university level German.

Students gain speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as an appreciation for the German culture. Program graduates are prepared to study German further in the post-secondary environment or to travel throughout German-speaking countries. 

Spanish as a Second Language

Spanish as a Second Language instruction is offered to high school students at Sturgeon Composite High School. Students learn to communicate in Spanish and gain an appreciation for the Spanish culture.

Learning Spanish will enable students to keep pace with the Hispanic influence on today's culture, which is strong and getting even stronger. With a rapidly expanding Hispanic population worldwide, students who have Spanish language skills, will certainly be a valuable asset in the global business world.