Military Families

Sturgeon Public Schools proudly serves military families at Guthrie School in Lancaster Park, which offers programming for students from preschool to grade 9, focusing on both personal and academic development.

About Guthrie School

Guthrie School is located on the base, and a large percentage of our students are military. We offer various supports and flexibility to help military children transition successfully and thrive.

We’re connected to the military community. We have strong partnerships with the Military Family Resource Centre, which offers before and after school care, and the military base, which offers a swimming pool, rock climbing wall, skating rink, golf facilities and more. We’re also physically attached to the military language school and offer interpreters for non-English speaking students.

As a school, we have a strong, traditional value system that is very thoughtfully woven into our programming and everyday interactions with students and families. We also encourage student leadership, allowing our students to voice their thoughts, mentor one another, and manage certain school activities to help them develop as confident, responsible, helpful citizens.

At Guthrie School, we welcome new military students with open arms and work hard to help them integrate with ease. We are a cohesive school that accepts and embraces families from all walks of life.

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