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410: Exhibit 1 - Transportation Fee Schedule

Transportation Fee Schedule
Resident School Rider  $          259
ECS & K Resident School  $          150
Choice Rider  $          345
ECS & K Choice Rider  $          190
Supplemental Bus  $          180
Outside Boundary Rider  $          489
ECS & K Outside Boundary Rider  $          431
Replacement Bus Pass  $           20


Resident School Rider:

  • any student who lives 2.4 km or farther from their designated school 

Choice Rider:

  • any student who lives 2.4 km or less from their designated school
  • any student who attends a school other school than their designated school
    • Excluding French Immersion and Redwater students enrolled in Career and Technology Studies programming – not offered at Redwater School - at Sturgeon Composite High School. These students will be assessed a Resident School Rider fee.

Supplemental Bus

  • any student who is accessing an additional bus to an alternate address.

Outside Boundary Rider

  • any student who lives outside of the Sturgeon Public Schools transportation boundary and attends a Sturgeon Public School.


  • any student or child who is registered for pre-kindergarten or part-time kindergarten programming and is accessing transportation services on an alternating or part-time schedule.