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Attendance Areas

The Education Act, Section 10(1), grants the Board authority to direct resident students to attend a specific school operated by the Board. To determine their designated school, each student's address is mapped to a certain attendance area in Sturgeon Public Schools, which also determines their eligibility for transportation.

Policy 200: Attendance Areas designates resident students (i.e. those living within the Sturgeon Public School Division Boundary) to attend schools in the attendance areas established by the Board, with a few exceptions:

  • Educational or programming needs of students or student/parent preferences may warrant attendance at a school other than their designated one.
  • Provided resources and facilities are available, resident students may register in schools other than their designated one.
  • Resident students may also register in Programs of Choice (e.g. Logos, French Immersion) at Division schools.
  • If a student attends a school outside their designated attendance area, transportation becomes the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s)/or independent student.


Attendance Areas Changes for 2023-2024:

At the February 22, 2023 Public Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees approved, effective the upcoming 2023-2024 school year:

  1. The creation of a Legal Attendance Area for Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 4; and
  2. Changes to current attendance areas for Bon Accord (BACS and Lilian Schick), Camilla, Gibbons (LT and Gibbons School), Morinville (ÉMPS and FWPS), Namao, Redwater (OP and RWS) and Sturgeon Heights. 

View the Division Boundary Map

Attendance area map for each school:

Please note: 

These maps are just an overview of the individual attendance areas.  If you live close to any of the green boundary lines, please email the Transportation Services Department for accurate information to determine which attendance area you reside in.  If you are considering a school outside your attendance area, then a transportation fee will apply for this service.