Kindergarten students may be small in stature, but they’re packed with passion and potential to be anything they want in the world. Sturgeon Public Schools works hand-in-hand with parents to bring out the individual strengths of each little learner and set them on the path to a promising future.

Our Kindergarten program helps them prepare for the transition from home to school and entry into Grade 1. Children arrive from a wide range of backgrounds and various experiences. Through hands-on and interactive learning experiences, students begin to develop the skills necessary for educational success.

They also gain exposure to the greater school environment by participating in assemblies, concerts and special events, as well as on the playground.

Kindergarten students who require support have access to Speech and Language as well as Occupational Therapy services. 

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Working with and supporting parents is an important part of what we offer at Sturgeon Public Schools. For early learners in preschool and Kindergarten, that includes supporting childcare options.

French Immersion

Being bilingual opens doors to a wider world of opportunities. It produces excellent students and creative thinkers fluent in both languages. French immersion allows students to become fluent in French while achieving all the objectives of the regular school program.

Sturgeon Public Schools offers a French immersion program at École Morinville Public School Kindergarten to Grade 4, and Grades 5 to 9 at Four Winds Public School.

The program is designed for students whose first language is not French. It requires no pre-knowledge or special skills, and it is not necessary for French to be spoken at home.

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Teaching Philosophy

Early childhood is a significant period in development. Independence, initiative, decision-making, creativity, learning ability, relating to others and feelings of self-worth all begin here.

At Sturgeon Public Schools, our dynamic and dedicated teachers work closely with parents to ensure Kindergarten students feel comfortable and have the opportunity to succeed and have fun.

Classrooms are fun learning spaces with a strong family feel. They house distinct learning stations or activity centres, which provide hands-on and interactive learning experiences. Different stations develop different skills while ensuring students have fun and stay interested. Field trips, age-appropriate technology and other stimulating activities also enhance the educational opportunities.

Many of our Kindergartens use the Reggio Emilia approach to instruction. This teaching philosophy embraces children’s natural curiosity and their needs as a whole individual are nurtured. Children become very eager to learn, and important skills are developed through play and engaging projects.

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