Stakeholder Engagement

Family and community involvement in the life of schools and education enrich learning environments and directly contribute to student achievement. Our Board of Trustees plays an active role in engaging and informing key stakeholders, providing the public with open access to relevant information about educational policies, programs and services and providing meaningful opportunities for input into decision making at the school and board level.

Online Engagement

Enhancing connections with local stakeholders is a strategic focus for our Trustees. In addition to face-to-face engagement, our division connects with families and community members online in the following ways:

Opportunities for Engagement

Sturgeon Public Schools considers families and community members highly valuable in helping set the direction for our schools and education of our children. A high priority for the Board of Trustees' is establishing mechanisms to collect input and feedback from parents, staff, students and community members regarding programs, policies and student learning and achievement.

Read the 2021-2024 Education Plan

Read the 2019/2020 Stakeholder Feedback Highlights

The Education Plan for 2021-2024 was drafted after extensive stakeholder consultation. INCITE marketing provided feedback from focus groups, interviews, and online surveys to build questions for conversation with our stakeholders. In 2020-2021 students in each school, parents in every school council, and representatives of staff and community members all had an opportunity to reflect on those questions and provided input into our Education Plan.

School Council Participation

Sturgeon Public Schools’s school councils consist of parents, principals, teachers, secondary students and community representatives who work together to support and enhance student learning. These councils provide a way for members of the community to consult with and offer advice to the school principal and board.

Our trustees are very supportive of our school councils and often attend and actively participate in school council meetings.

To connect with your school council, please contact your school's Principal.

For more information about school councils, visit the Alberta School Councils’ Association.

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