Inclusive Education

Sturgeon Public Schools embraces the uniqueness of all children, each bringing diversity and strength to our school culture. Because of this belief, we work to include and support students with diverse learning needs in their home schools and communities.

Working with our Inclusive Learning Team, we provide differentiated instruction, accommodations, modifications and assistive technologies to minimize the impact of individual disabilities and maximize a student’s potential and success. 

Inclusive Learning Team

Our Inclusive Learning Team comprises teachers, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists, social workers, behavioural consultants, assistive technology specialists, physiotherapists and vision/hearing specialists. 

Members of this team work alongside our teachers to ensure we consider student needs from multiple perspectives and to build the capacity of our staff to support all learners. Our Inclusive Learning Team also works collaboratively to support students with more complicated needs that require a multidisciplinary approach. 

Life Skills Classroom

Some students require a specialized classroom structure to support their programming. Sturgeon Public Schools has two Life Skills classrooms: one at Namao School to support students aged 9 to 14 and one at Sturgeon Composite High School for students of high school age. 

These programs offer low enrollment ratios where individualized program plans can be implemented for each child. Our Life Skills classrooms also work very closely with our Inclusive Learning Team members in order to address more complex needs such as specialized communication support for our nonverbal students or behavior/regulation support for our children with complicated sensory needs.

Literacy Supports

At the elementary level, reading instruction is differentiated through a balanced literacy approach using whole class texts, shared reading, guided reading and independent reading of self-selected texts. Teachers may work with the entire class, small groups or individuals to meet the reading needs of their students.

At the secondary level, teachers use differentiated instruction strategies for reading in the content areas to meet their students’ individual reading needs.

Program Unit Funding Initiative (PUF)

Program Unit Funding  (PUF) focuses on developing extensive early childhood readiness skills. It is designed for children aged between 2 years, 8 months and 4 years, 7 months as of September 1st of the school year who have a diagnosed need in one or more areas.

The program focuses on developing communication, social, physical and emotional skills. Specific programming is tailored to the individual needs of the child.

PUF students are fully included in local Pre-Kindergarten Programs

The following schools offer the PUF program:

For more information, please contact the Early Childhood Education Department at 780-939-4341 ext. 1257.

Social, Emotional and Behavioural Supports

In addition to the trained counsellors in all Sturgeon schools, students and families have access to our community resource coordinator, family support worker and mental health therapist. Each of these professionals provides support for a variety of social and emotional needs.  

For students struggling with challenging behaviours, we also have teachers trained in Positive Behaviour Supports, Collaborative Problem Solving, Neuro-sequential Model for Education and the resilience philosophy of Derek Peterson. This depth of understanding and knowledge allows us to offer proactive, comprehensive and responsive support for all students.