Planning and Reporting

School Boards are direction setters. Trustees set the overall direction for our Division through an annual strategic planning process. Through its vision, mission, values and beliefs, the Board of Trustees identifies strategic priorities and goals for our schools and Division. The Board sets the annual budget which determines how resources are allocated to schools and programs.

The Board also provides direction through its policies. This includes planning, developing, implementing and evaluating policy.

Education Plan

The Division's Education Plan articulates the Board's approved outcomes, measures and strategies to meet our priority of Student Achievement. It actions the Board of Trustees' vision, mission and values. Using key insights from the Annual Education Results Report, the Division's Education Plan directs the work in schools and at a system level. 

For the Education Plan 2020-2023, the Division's priority of Student Achievement includes the following Assurance Domains:

  1.  Student Growth and Achievement
  2.  Teaching and Leading 
  3.  Learning Supports
  4.  Governance
  5.  Local and Societal Context

Read the 2020-2023 Education Plan

Read the 2019-22 Three Year Education Plan

Division Budget and Financial Statements

The Board sets the overall annual budget, which determines how resources are allocated to schools and programs. This budget is set to correspond with the strategic priorities and goals set by division schools and administration.

Policy Development and Review

The Board of Trustees and Sturgeon Public Schools are guided by a specific set of policies, which are set in place by the Board. This includes planning, developing, implementing and evaluating policy.

A policy is an instrument of governance that sets out the Board’s philosophy and provides the framework and overarching guidelines for the operation of the school system and the actions of the Board’s employees.

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