Division Advocacy

The school board is an advocate for public education and for the local school system. In this capacity, our Board consults its constituents and shares information with MLAs and government – as an individual board – and collectively through the ASBA.

Trustees act as advocates to ensure our students receive the best possible educational opportunities. Our Board of Trustees works hard to ensure elected politicians and nominees running in an election are aware of the opportunities and challenges facing our division. Through advocacy, our trustees use strategies and active promotion to take action on key causes such as First Nations, Métis and Inuit initiatives and student mental health initiatives. Our trustees perform this outstanding work with a high level of skill and sensitivity to the benefit all of our division, students and communities. 

Advocacy Committee

Our trustees believe effective advocacy is achieved through a deep understanding of these issues. Three members of the board make up an Advocacy Committee, responsible for making recommendations to the Board regarding advocacy priorities, strategies and policies.

Membership: Janine Pequin, Misty Featherley, Tasha Oatway-McLay 

First Nations, Métis and Inuit Initiatives

First Nations, Métis and Inuit initiatives are a priority focus for our trustees and division, examining the key issues surrounding education of FNMI students and strategies that build increased understanding, cultural awareness and trust in our schools.

Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) projects point to the importance of educating teachers, staff and students about FNMI cultures, history and language. FNMI children bring to school unique traditional knowledge from their culture and language and feel valued when they see this culture and language accepted and honoured. FNMI initiatives in our division include staff, teachers and students participating in blanket exercises.

Working closely with our schools, stakeholders and communities, our trustees continue to advocate for important FNMI initiatives.

Student Mental Health Initiatives

Student mental health initiatives are an advocacy focus for our trustees. This work is designed to promote and support early childhood intervention on mental health initiatives and to help children thrive and reach their full potential.

Our trustees advocate for building understanding and supports for mental health and emotional wellness. This can play a crucial role in overall quality of life and the development of our students and a healthy society. Advocating for student mental health initiatives has a positive impact on our students and future generations.

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