Superintendent's Office

The Superintendent is the leader of the school division with multi-dimensional responsibilities including vision, values, educational programming, operations, human resources and community relations.

The Superintendent promotes a culture of shared values and beliefs and ensures Sturgeon Public Schools follows a collective vision that focuses on student learning. She is responsible for ensuring each student has access to programs to meet provincial and school division goals. This includes providing appropriate programming based on individual learning needs, supporting exemplary instructional practices and maintaining fair and balanced student assessment.

The Superintendent is also responsible for effective staff recruitment, selection, development, supervision and evaluation processes. She models and inspires the principles of integrity, objectivity and protection of the public interest. She is responsible for building effective relationships within the school community including with trustees, staff members, school councils, parents/guardians, Alberta Education and other stakeholders.

The Superintendent manages the operations and resources of the school division in a responsible and responsive manner. As Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Trustees and Chief Education Officer of the school system, she ensures each student has the opportunity to achieve optimum learning. 

Superintendent's Message

With the school year coming to a close and summer just around the corner, students are filled with optimism and excitement. Our grade 12 graduates are eagerly awaiting to embark upon the next phase of their life’s journey. I send good wishes to all of our students and a heartfelt congratulations to each of our graduates. In the words of Rascal Flatts, “My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to be”.

As I look back, I realize that it has been an exciting year for our Division - a year of CHANGE and GROWTH, and of CHALLENGE and SUCCESS.

In early January, the Executive Team, Principals and Community Emergency Responders took part in an Emergency Response Training session. We have implemented the first phase of our new Emergency Response Plan, Hour-Zero. 

We also set the stage for lifelong learning, by working in partnership with Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, in preparation for the opening of Four Winds Public School.  I am pleased to say that Four Winds Public is still on track to open its doors to welcome our middle school students in Morinville, in January 2020.

Sincere thanks to each of you, along with students, parents and members of the community, who participated in the brand awareness survey with INCITE, your input was vital to reshaping our new brand identity. We will be launching our re-branding campaign at our Welcome Back Breakfast in August 2019.

The Sturgeon Night of Music and Arts was a wonderful showcase for our amazing student artists and musicians Thank you to everyone involved in the event.  Our Long Service Awards, Induction Ceremony and Retirement Celebration was also a time of celebration for our Division.  Welcome to those who are new to Sturgeon Public and thank you to all of our recipients for your dedicated service to our students and Public Education. 

Renovations are in full swing at Central Office, and if you happen to drive by, you will notice that our two story building no longer exists. Thanks to all Central Office staff, for your patience and understanding during the renovation. We expect that before the end of 2019, we will be in our newly renovated space.

With a strong Executive, Leadership Team and the 2019\2020 Administrative teams in place, we are poised for another outstanding school year in Sturgeon Public Schools!

Each of you, have made a significant contribution to the lives of our students, their families and the communities we serve.  Your unwavering commitment to protecting and promoting Public Education is one of many reasons why great things are happening in Sturgeon Public Schools. 

Thank you for a successful year! 

Yours in Public Education,
Mary Lynne

Superintendent's Office

Mary Lynne R. Campbell, ICD.D




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Associate Superintendent, Education Services



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Associate Superintendent, People Services



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Executive Assistant, Superintendent/CEO



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