Faith Based

Sturgeon Public Schools provides students the occasion to take part in optional faith-based instruction. Our programs offer a non-denominational Christian environment within the public school setting.

Students are able to complement the faith within their home environment at school through programs that provide space and opportunity for prayer and fellowship.

LOGOS Program

LOGOS is a non-denominational Christian-based program offered in a nurturing setting, where children are taught to love God and others. It is part of the public school system and teaches the Alberta curriculum.

LOGOS offers an excellent academic education enhanced by daily activities (prayer, scripture reading, praise), periodic chapel times and assemblies that build faith and fellowship.

LOGOS is offered from Kindergarten to Grade 9 at Landing Trail School and Lilian Schick School.

LOGOS Brochure

Optional Religion

Sturgeon Public Schools offers religion as an optional class for students from Grades 1 to 6 at select schools. Although the program is based on the Catholic faith, it is ecumenical (inclusive of many faiths) and families do not have to be Catholic to take part. Students must have parental permission to receive religious instruction and attend the religious program of studies.

The program does not focus on preparing students for the Catholic sacraments of first communion, reconciliation and confirmation. This is done at each of the church parishes.

Youth Gathering

Youth Gathering is an optional Catholic religion program for junior high students. It is delivered through a series of nine gatherings that take place during school hours. Gatherings are led by an official of the Catholic Church.

Students must register for this program and parental consent is required.