Safety and Responsibility

Working with parents/caregivers to keep students safe is one of our greatest responsibilities as a school division. This includes the safe transportation of children to and from school.

The school bus is an extension of the classroom and requires safe, respectful and appropriate conduct at all times. Drivers need to have their attention on the road and traffic, not on what is going on behind them.

Students who misbehave on school buses or vandalize a bus in any way are subject to disciplinary measures.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Students shall ride only their assigned bus. 
  2. Students are expected to be at their designated boarding location five minutes prior to departure time.
  3. Students are to stay off the roadway at all times while waiting for the bus.
  4. Students are responsible for their personal property.
  5. Directions as given by the bus operator must be followed.
  6. Students must sit in assigned seat and remain seated while the bus is en route.
  7. All objects and parts of the body must be kept inside the bus.
  8. While quiet conversation is permitted on the bus, conversation with the bus operator is discouraged while the bus is in motion. There must be absolute silence at railway crossings.
  9. Disruptive, destructive, or unsafe behavior such as pushing, spitting, fighting, use of profane language or gestures, or the throwing of objects, or acts of vandalism are prohibited.
  10. Eating or open beverage containers are not permitted.
  11. The use of personal cellular phones, cameras and recording devices are prohibited on school buses. Electronic games or musical devices that do not emit noise are acceptable for use.
  12. The use of tobacco or other smoking materials is prohibited on buses, including e-cigarettes.
  13. The possession, use or conveyance of potentially dangerous items is prohibited.
  14. In conjunction with the Traffic Safety Act, skateboards, snowboards and skis are not permitted on the bus. Musical instruments that cannot be safely stowed under the seat are also not permitted on the bus. All other articles must be fully contained in a canvas bag or case that the student can store under the seat of the bus.

Parent/Caregiver Responsibilities

  1. Ensure your children are at the designated stop five minutes prior to departure time.
  2. Provide the necessary protection of your children on the way to and from the designated stop location.
  3. Accept responsibility for the proper conduct of your children prior to the boarding of the bus, during the daily trips and upon leaving the bus.
  4. Make certain your children are appropriately dressed for the weather conditions. Please see our inclement weather policy for more information.
  5. Be responsible for any damage done to the bus by your children.
  6. Notify the bus operator of any pertinent medical conditions of your children.

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