Off Campus

Off-Campus Programs

Sturgeon Public Schools Off-Campus Education programs follow the Alberta Education Program of Studies and offer experiential learning that integrates planned learning with on-the-job work experiences. High school students gain practical experience as they apply and expand their knowledge, skills and attitudes through educational experiences in community-based work or volunteer sites.

Off-Campus Education is offered through a number of different programs including Work Experience, Registered Apprenticeship Program, RCMP Youth Academy, Sturgeon County Firefighters and Emergency Services and Green Certificate Agricultural Training. 

Students earn one credit for 25 hours of work (minimum 75 hours) to a maximum of 10 credits at each level – 15, 25 and 35 level. Only 15 credits count towards a high school diploma. 

Off-Campus Education runs throughout the school year, as well as the summer months, and is supervised by the Off-Campus Education Coordinator who monitors and maintains contact with both employer and student.

Note: Workplace Safety Systems: HCS3000 is a one credit pre-requisite course required for any off-campus program. 

For more information, contact:

Teresa Ferri, Off-Campus Coordinator

Sturgeon County Firefighters and Emergency Services

Sturgeon County Firefighters and Emergency Services offer a professional National Fire Protection Association 1001 Training Program, which leads to national and international certification to interested and qualified students.

Students meet one night per week plus one Saturday per month for training at a local fire hall and take part in local firefighting and emergency response under mentor supervision. Students receive training in First Aid, CPR, AED, Dangerous Goods and Wildland training.

The application/screening process begins in the fall with program commencement in January. Students earn one credit for each 25 hours of work and/or training (minimum 75 hours) in Career Internship – OTH1910.

St. Albert RCMP Youth Academy

The St. Albert RCMP Youth Academy is a seven-day residential training camp that exposes students to police service and training. It is held over spring break in a local high school.

Students participate in physical training, drills and scenarios throughout the program. Many officers present information about different areas of policing including traffic, forensics, drugs, emergency response, undercover work and officer safety. The program culminates in graduation drill and parade.

Applications are accepted and interviews held in November. Students earn five credits in Career Internship – OTH1910.

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is a great option for students interested in a career in the trades. RAP allows high school students to begin an apprenticeship training program as early as Grade 10. These students earn credit toward a high school diploma and a a paid registered apprenticeship program at the same time.

Students can select from more than 50 trades and occupations to explore. Each student is paired with an employer to gain an inside look at their chosen trade. This lets the student explore their interests and confirm whether the trade is a good fit. It also provides invaluable experience and training that gives the student a distinct advantage post graduation. 

Students spend time in school and industry throughout their high school semesters and the summer months. Program times are flexible and based on employer, student and school agreement. Employers pay the apprentice's wages and provide on-the-job training. Off-campus coordinators work closely with students and employers to ensure a safe and caring environment in which students learn the tasks of the trade and earn hours towards their apprenticeship. Students may earn a maximum of 40 credits (based on 1 credit per 25 hours) throughout a RAP program.

This program is offered at the following schools:

Green Certificate Program

In connection to our division’s strong rural heritage, we offer the Green Certificate program for students interested in agriculture business.

Offered at the high school level, students can acquire the attitudes, skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the agricultural sector. Students learn through actively participating under the direction of experienced farm personnel. Students may earn a Level 1 (Technician) Green Certificate and up to 16 credits by completing a series of three courses in one of the following areas:

  • Bee Keeper Production
  • Cow–Calf Beef Production
  • Dairy Production
  • Equine Certificate
  • Feedlot Beef Production
  • Field Crop Production
  • Irrigated Field Crop Production
  • Sheep Production
  • Swine Production

This program is offered at the following schools:

Work Experience

Work Experience is a for-credit high school program. It allows students to explore a career path they are interested in and to get ahead of the game with valuable skills training. 

Students are employed as part of a planned school program under the cooperative supervision of a teacher and employer. Students may earn credits at an existing work place, but the HCS3000 pre-requisite safety course must be completed, a learning plan developed and contracts and site visits completed before the program may begin. Students may earn up to 10 credits at each grade level, of which 15 credits will count towards diploma requirements. 

This program is offered at the following schools: