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205: Developing Administrative Procedures

Responsible Administrator: Superintendent



Administrative procedures define and legislate operational best-practice approaches in order to effectively administer Board policy across the Division.

The Superintendent expects that all staff are familiar with the Division’s administrative procedures.

With the passage of time and with emerging needs, administrative procedures may require creation or review.

Regular review of Administrative Procedures, with opportunity for input by the appropriate stakeholders, leads to effective operations within the school system.


Senior Executive will be responsible for the development and/or amendment of Administrative Procedures relative to their areas of responsibility.


1. Administrative Procedure review and development will occur on a regularly scheduled basis and in accordance with the review and development of related policies.

2. Draft Administrative Procedures will be forwarded to the Senior Executive for review and provided to the Board as information.

3. Where applicable, draft Administrative Procedures will be forwarded to the Leadership Team and/or Administrators’ Council for feedback to ensure alignment of procedures with Division practices.

4. Revisions to the draft Administrative Procedure will be completed by the appropriate Senior Executive and forwarded to the Superintendent for final approval.

5. Draft administrative procedures are reviewed and approved by the Superintendent and become effective as of the date of approval.

6. Any decisions or amendments arising from a review of administrative procedures shall be communicated expeditiously to all affected stakeholders.


Board Policy:

240 Policy Development
700 Superintendent of Schools


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2024 Mar 06 Amended