Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

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220: Appendix A - Code of Ethics

As an elected member of the Board of Trustees,

1.0 I will devote time, thought and study to the duties and responsibilities of trusteeship so that I may render effective and credible service.

2.0 I will recognize that the expenditure of school funds is a public trust and I will support policies and practices which ensure that all such funds are expended efficiently, economically and in the best interest of the students and electors of the Division.

3.0 I will endeavor to work with my fellow Trustees in a spirit of harmony and cooperation in spite of differences of opinion that may arise during vigorous debate. I will avoid rancor and bitterness; observe proper decorum and behavior; encourage full and open discussions in all matters with my fellow members of the Board.

4.0 I will base my personal decision upon all available facts in each situation, voting my honest conviction in every case.

5.0 I will do everything possible to maintain the integrity, confidence and dignity of the office of the school Trustee and I will resist every temptation and outside pressure to misuse my position as a trustee to benefit either myself or any other individual or agency.

6.0 I will remember at all times that as an individual, I have no legal authority outside the meetings of the Board, unless the Board has so delegated. My relationships with the school staff, the local citizenry and the media will be conducted on the basis of this fact.

7.0 I will always bear in mind that the primary function of the Board is to establish the policies by which the schools are to be administered and that the daily administration of the educational program and conduct of school business shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent and his/her staff; therefore, I will refer complaints and other communications to the Superintendent in accordance with policies and procedures approved by the Board.

8.0 I will earnestly attempt to promote goals based on the needs and aspirations of the community and do my best to support effective educational programs for the students.