Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

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1.0 Committee Powers:

The Board believes that transparency and accountability should be demonstrated to the greatest extent possible and its decision making should be conducted in public. There are specific instances, however, when the public interest is best served by private discussion in “in camera” sessions. The Board holds in camera meetings to deal with land, labour and legal matters.

In addition, the Board gathers privately for professional development, to review the function of the Board and strategic planning purposes. The Board also uses this opportunity to explore matters to a greater depth, seek clarification from Administration and discuss matters requiring a deeper level of understanding prior to consideration of the matter at a Regular Board meeting.

2.0 Committee Terms of Reference

2.1 Membership: All Trustees with a quorum of four.  Chair of the Board or designate chairs the meeting.

2.2 Make recommendations for agenda items for subsequent Board meetings.

2.3 Administrator Assigned: Associate Superintendent, Corporate Services; Associate Superintendent, Human Resources; Deputy Superintendent, Education Services; Superintendent.

2.4 Record of Proceedings of Committee Meetings: Kept by Associate Superintendent, Corporate Services and reviewed by the Committee at its next meeting.  Proceedings circulated to all Trustees and posted to the website.

2.5 Meetings: Committee meetings are scheduled as follows:

2.5.1 Pre-Public Board Meeting Sessions: Held two Wednesdays before the Public Board meeting each month beginning at 9:00 a.m. These sessions are designed for in-depth preparatory discussions and are open to the public..

2.5.2 Public Board Meeting Days: Additional meetings take place in the afternoon of Public Board meeting days to finalize discussions and preparations. The exact timing will be set based on the agenda and availability. Meetings are open to the public.

2.6 Reporting: The Committee Chair will report to the Board.

3.0 Committee Authority

This Committee is established pursuant to Section 52 (1) (b) of the Education Act.


Education Act: Sections 51, 52 (1) (b)
Board Procedures Regulation 82/2019