Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

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1.0 Committee Powers:

1.1 To meet with representatives of the teaching staff.

1.2 To discuss proposed changes to Board policy and regulations concerning teachers’ working conditions, and requests for changes to Board policy and regulations by the Alberta Teachers’ Association Local.

1.3 To refer to the Board or other Board Committee matters requiring Board or Committee attention.

2.0 Committee Terms of Reference

2.1 Membership: Three Trustees, with a quorum of two, and a teacher (other than principal or vice-principal) from each of the schools within the Division. The Chair is one of the Board representatives, elected by the Board representatives.

2.2 Voting Privileges: Only Committee members may vote.

2.3 Administrative Support: Superintendent

2.4 Record of Proceedings of Committee Meetings: Kept by the administrator assigned and approved by the Committee at its next meeting. Proceedings circulated to all committee members, all Trustees, and the Superintendent.

2.5 Meetings: At the call of either side. Meetings are closed to the public.

2.6 Reporting: The Committee Chair will report to the Board.

3.0 Committee Authority

This Committee is established pursuant to Section 52 (1) (b) of the Education Act and pursuant to the provisions of the Collective Agreement between the Board and the ATA Local.


Education Act: Sections 51, 52 (1) (b)
Board Procedures Regulation 82/2019