Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

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1.0 Committee Powers:

1.1 To negotiate on the Board’s behalf with representatives of C.U.P.E. on any matters pertaining to the adoption of a new Collective Agreement or changes to an existing Collective Agreement in accordance with the Employment Standards Code.

1.2 To sign and recommend to the Board a Memorandum of Agreement between the parties.

2.0 Committee Terms of Reference

2.1 Membership: Three Trustees, with a quorum of two, elected at the Annual Organizational Meeting of the Board. Chair elected by the Committee.

2.2 Voting Privileges: Only Committee members may vote.

2.3 Administrative Support: Associate Superintendent, Human Resources; Director, Human Resources.

2.4 Record of Proceedings of Committee Meetings: Each party involved in negotiations maintains its own record. The Director, Human Resources, records matters on which agreement has been reached.

2.5 Meetings: Held at the call of either party. The first meeting to be held in accordance with the Labour Relations Code. Meetings are closed to the public.

2.6 Reporting: The Committee Chair will report to the Board periodically during the course of negotiations and will ultimately bring to the Board, for ratification, the negotiated Collective Agreement.

3.0 Committee Authority

The Committee is established pursuant to Section 52 (1) (b) of the Education Act and pursuant to the Labour Relations Code and the Employment Standards Code.


Education Act: Sections 51, 52 (1) (b)
Board Procedures Regulation 82/2019
Employment Standards Code AB September 1, 2019
Labour Relations Code AB October 1, 2019