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235: APPENDIX A - Sturgeon Public Schools Board Organizational Meeting Agenda

EFFECTIVE: March 27, 2019
REVISED: November 25, 2020
REVIEW: 2024-2025

1.0 Roll Call

2.0 Call to Order - The Associate Superintendent, Corporate Services will call the meeting to order and act as Chair.

3.0 Treaty 6 Acknowledgement Statement.

4.0 Declaration of Returning Officer - if applicable

5.0 Oath of Office - if applicable

6.0 Election of Board Chair - may, at the request of one Trustee, be handled by a secret ballot. Upon declaration of election, the elected Board Chair shall assume the Chair.

7.0 Election of Vice-Chair - may, at the request of one Trustee, be handled by a secret ballot.

8.0 Code of Ethics - the Board Chair will read the Code of Ethics.

9.0 Date, Time, Place of Regular Meetings.

10.0 Trustee Committees

10.1 Advocacy Committee

10.2 Building and Maintenance Committee

10.3 Finance and Human Resources Committee

10.4 Policy Committee

10.5 Transportation Committee

11.0 Trustee membership of committees - the Board will establish their operational structure (committees, task groups, etc.) and elect trustee representatives to these. It will also elect its representatives to organizations.

11.1 Committee of the Whole

11.2 Municipal Liaison Committee

11.3 ATA Negotiations Committee

11.4 CUPE Negotiations Committee

11.5 Teacher Board Advisory Committee (Policy Advisory – ATA)

11.6 Labour Management Committee (Policy Advisory – CUPE)

12.0 Board Representatives to Other Organizations

12.1 Alberta School Boards Association
       1 Representative, 1 Alternate Representative

12.2 Public School Boards Association of Alberta
       1 Representative, 1 Alternate Representative

12.3 TEBA Representative

12.4 Sturgeon Composite High School – School Council Representatives (Alternating)

12.5 Sturgeon Public Virtual Academy - School Council Representatives (Alternating) 

12.6 Student Discipline Committee (as required)

12.7 Morinville Rotary Representative

12.8 Community Services Advisory Representative

13.0 Close of Meeting


Education Act:

Division 2, Board Procedures;
Division 5, Conflict of Interest and Disqualification
Sections 33, 34, 64, 75

Board Procedures Regulation 82/2019
Robert’s Rules of Order