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240: Policy Development


The Board believes that the primary means by which it provides governance to Sturgeon Public Schools is through written policies. These policies provide direction for the action of the Board, Superintendent, staff, students, electors and other agencies.

Accordingly, the initiation and/or adoption of new Board policies and revision and/or rescission of existing policies is solely the responsibility of the Board of Trustees.

The Board also believes that development and ongoing review of policies is necessary to ensure the governance and operation of the division remain consistent with Board beliefs, School Division needs, and compliance with the Education Act and Alberta Education regulations.


2.1 The Superintendent of Schools shall make recommendations to the Board for the revision, rescission, and/or reclassification of existing Board Policies.

2.1.1 At any time, division stakeholders or stakeholder groups may submit recommendations regarding the need for policy development and/or review or rescission of existing policies.

2.1.2 Stakeholder recommendations, including supporting rationale, are to be forwarded, in writing, to the Superintendent, who will subsequently inform the Board.

2.2 Stakeholders may be provided with an opportunity for consultation and involvement in the development, review and/or rescission of policy statements through School Councils, the division’s Teacher Board Advisory Committee and/or any other means as determined by the Board and/or its Standing Committees.

2.2.1 The current Policy Tracker will identify policies under review as well as their current status and it will be provided to the Board at Committee of the Whole meetings.

2.2.2 Unless otherwise determined by the Board, all policy development and review will be concluded by the end of the school year in which it was initiated.

2.2.3 In the event of an emergent or other situation where the Board considers that it is in the interests of the jurisdiction to do so, the Board acknowledges that it may take immediate action on a policy matter.

2.3 Each policy statement shall be reviewed on a cyclical basis unless otherwise determined by the Board.

2.4 The Superintendent is responsible for developing the specific implementation steps required to operationalize a Board Policy.

2.4.1 Administrative Procedures are not subject to Board approval but are available to the Board for information at the time of Policy approval and thereafter on an ongoing basis. The Board expects that Administrative Procedures will be developed by obtaining any necessary technical advice, stakeholder input, and legal opinions.

2.5 At any time, the Board may delete or suspend a policy and subsequently delegate to the Superintendent authority over a particular area.


Board Procedures Regulation 82/2019
Administrative Procedures(s):

AP200 – Process for Policy Work
AP205 – Developing Administrative Procedures


2019 Apr 24 Initial Approval
2020 Jan 29 Reviewed
2021 Oct 27 Reviewed
2022 Jun 22 Amended