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310: Non-Funded Students


The Board believes that Sturgeon Public Schools was established to provide an education for students who are residents of this system (as defined by the Education Act) and who are eligible to receive provincial funding. The Board recognizes that the need may arise to accommodate non-funded students.


“Room in the school” will be determined by the number of students in a class and composition of the class.

"Non-funded students" are students not eligible to receive funding from Alberta Education.

"Foreign/temporary student" is a non-funded student whose parents are citizens of, and/or reside in another country.


3.1 The Superintendent is responsible for the administration of this Policy.

3.2 The Principal shall be responsible for the decision to accept non-funded students, subject to the following guidelines.

3.3 The Board authorizes the registration of students who do not reside in this system, hereinafter called non-funded students, to attend regular programs in Division schools if:

3.3.1 there is room in the school;

3.3.2 there are appropriate programs and resources available;

3.3.3 where appropriate funding is not available, arrangements are made for the payment of any student tuition fees; and

3.3.4 students who are not residents of Alberta produce a valid student Canadian visa or documentation showing them to be residents of Canada.

3.4 Registration of non-funded students shall be reviewed on an annual (school year) basis.

3.5 The Board will maintain a schedule of non-funded student tuition fees. The Superintendent- will establish the tuition fees applicable. This fee will be reviewed on an annual basis.

3.6 Registration of non-funded students will not be confirmed until the first full instructional day of the school year.

3.7 Prior to acceptance of a foreign/temporary student, the school Principal must ensure that the student’s parent/guardian submits a cheque or confirms an electronic transfer of funds to the Division for the full amount of the foreign student tuition fees and all other applicable fees. If a foreign student parent/guardian is unable to meet these requirements the school Principal is not to accept the foreign student’s registration.

3.8 This policy does not apply to students participating in a reciprocal exchange program. 


Exhibit 1 - Non-Funded Student Fee Schedule 2022-2023

Education Act: Sections 4(1)(8)
Funding Manual for School Authorities, Alberta Education


2019 Mar 27 Initial Approval
2020 Sep 23 Amended
2021 Oct 27 Reviewed
2022 Jun 22 Amended