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320: Inclement Weather

EFFECTIVE: March 27, 2019
REVISED: September 23, 2020
REVIEW: 2022-2023


The Board believes that the responsibility of the safety of school bus passengers during periods of inclement weather or hazardous road conditions is shared by the Board, its staff, school bus operators and by parent guardians. The final decision to send a child to the bus stop or to school rests with the parents/guardians, even though buses and schools may be operational.

School bus service shall be suspended at a temperature of minus forty (40) degrees Celsius, as determined by the Weather Network at Bon Accord, AB., or as articulated in 2.4.1.

Schools shall remain open when school bus services are suspended by the Superintendent/CEO or designate and will receive students who are transported to school by their parents/guardians.

The Principal or designate shall be responsible for determining the need for suspension of recess and/or other student activities as a result of inclement weather. The lowest temperature at which students will be required to go outside shall be -25 Celsius including wind chill and as determined by the Weather Network at Bon Accord, AB.


2.1 This Policy will be shared in school newsletters no later than November first of each school year.

2.2 Schools Remain Open

2.2.1 Regardless of the routes affected by suspension of school bus service, all schools will remain open.

2.3 Communication of Altered Bus Service

2.3.1 Media Notification A decision by the Superintendent/CEO or designate to suspend school bus service shall be communicated by the Transportation Coordinator through the following official communication channels: local radio stations (e.g. CFCW, CHED, CBC and CISN); television stations Global and City TV; and the Division website and social media accounts.

2.4 Bus Service Altered

2.4.1 Suspended by Superintendent/CEO or Transportation Coordinator The Superintendent/CEO or designate shall direct a system wide suspension of school bus service in every instance where in their opinion, climatic and/or road conditions constitute a significant hazard to the safety and well-being of school bus passengers. Attempts should be made to contact neighboring school jurisdictions regarding their plans to suspend school bus service. Suspension of school bus services may be limited to a specific region or route of Sturgeon Public Schools.

2.5 Proper Clothing

2.5.1 Parents shall ensure that their children who are school bus passengers are wearing weather appropriate clothing.


Administrative Procedure: AP575, Exhibit 2: Transportation Rules and Regulations