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435: Technology Equipment for Trustees

EFFECTIVE: June 26, 2019
REVISED: January 29, 2020
REVIEW: 2021-2022


Trustees shall be provided a device to carry out board business. Consumables (ie. Print cartridges and maintenance kits) shall be covered under Policy 430 – Trustee Remuneration and Expense Reimbursement. All Board provided equipment will be maintained by the Division.


2.1 All equipment will be returned at the end of the Trustee’s term of office or can be purchased by the departing Trustee at the fair market value of the equipment at that time.

2.1.1 Purchased devices will be reset to factory defaults before being released to the departing Trustee.

2.1.2 Purchased equipment once owned by the departing Trustee will no longer be supported by the Division.

2.2 Trustees will receive a stipend of $600.00 per annum to offset other technology related expenses (ie. Internet).


Board Policy: 430 Trustee Remuneration and Expense Reimbursement