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600: School Closure


The Board understands that changing populations and conditions of buildings may necessitate school closure. A decision to close a school shall be made after considering the input from stakeholders.


2.1 This Policy covers closure of schools as defined by Section 62 of the Education Act to include:

2.1.1 Closing a school permanently or for a specified period of time,

2.1.2 Transferring all students from one school to one or more other schools;

2.2 Temporary Emergency Closure As specified in Section 62 of the Education Act, the Board may temporarily close a school building if the health or safety of the students is endangered. After the situation has been remedied, the school shall be re-opened. If it is not possible for the Board to remedy the health and safety concern and the school must be closed, the notification and timelines in the subsequent sections do not apply. The Board will ensure that affected parents and students will be notified of decisions made to accommodate the affected students.

2.3 Requirements of Closure of Schools Regulation

2.3.1 Timelines All school closure procedures shall be initiated and completed within the school year (the 12-month period beginning on September 1 and ending on the following August 31.) in which the decision to close the school is made.

2.3.2 Notification

If the Board considers the closure of a school, it shall: Raise the matter by way of a motion at a regular meeting of the Board, Schedule a public meeting and select a date for a public meeting that the Chair and no fewer than three Trustees attend and Instruct the Superintendent to prepare a notification to the parents/guardians of every child and student enrolled in the school who, in the opinion of the Board, will be significantly affected by the closure of the school. This notice is to include the following: The time and location of the public meeting; How the closure would affect the attendance area defined for that school; How the closure would affect the attendance at other schools; Information on the Board’s long-range capital plan; The number of students who would need to be relocated as a result of the closure; The need for, and extent of, busing; Program implications for other schools and for the students when they are attending other schools; The educational and financial impact of closing the school, including the effect on operational costs and capital implications; The educational and financial impact if the school were to remain open and possibly; The capital needs of the schools that may have increased enrolment if a closure decision is made, and the possible uses of the school building or space in the school building

2.3.3 Public meetings Where the Board has given notice of motion at a regular meeting of the Board that it is considering the closure of a school, the Board shall: Ensure minutes are taken Organize and convene a public meeting for the purpose of discussing the information provided to the parents. Provide an opportunity for the Council of the municipality in which the school is located to provide a statement to the Board of the impact the closure may have on the community, and Hold other meetings it deems necessary with respect to the closure at times and places as the Board may determine. The date and place of the public meeting shall be Posted in 5 or more conspicuous places in the area or areas of the school or schools affected by the closure, for a period of at least 14 days before the date of the public meeting, and Advertised in a newspaper circulating within the area or areas of the school or schools affected by the proposed closure, on at least 2 occasions as close as is practicable to the date of the meeting. Placed on the division website.

2.4 Decision

2.4.1 The Board shall not make a final decision on the proposed closure until at least 3 weeks have passed since the date of the public meeting.

2.4.2 The Board shall give due consideration to any written submissions on the proposed closure that it receives after the public meeting.

2.4.3 The Board shall by resolution decide whether to close the school.

2.4.4 If the decision is to close the school, the Board shall forthwith notify the Minister in writing of the decision.

2.5 Transfer of education program

2.5.1 Information Meeting

Where a Board plans to transfer an education program to another school, the Board shall organize and convene an information meeting for the purpose of informing the parents/guardians of the students affected by the transfer of the transfer and the alternative arrangements for continuing the education program at another school.


Education Act: Section 62


2019 Mar 27 Initial Approval
2020 Jan 29 Amended
2021 Oct 27 Reviewed