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Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

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605: Public Use of School Buildings and Property


The Board believes that school facilities and its lands/sites are primarily designed to serve student learning and should also be used for the benefit of the communities in which they are located.


2.1 Functions sponsored by the school or by Sturgeon Public Schools shall take preference over those sponsored by any other organization.

2.2 The Board may permit public use of school buildings and land/sites by approved community groups or individuals. Priority shall be given in the following order to:

2.2.1 Activities involving students who attend the school.

2.2.2 Activities involving students who attend Division schools.

2.2.3 Non-profit resident community groups.

2.2.4 Non-profit non-resident community groups.

2.2.5 Profit generated/out-of-community groups

2.3 The Board believes that through the approval of Joint-Use and Planning Agreements with local community groups or municipalities, it will make the best use of both school facilities (buildings, grounds, equipment), and, of community or municipal facilities (skating rinks, tennis courts, etc.).

2.3.1 Such agreements should be in a standard format to allow for a uniform approach throughout the Division. Procedures in the specific Joint-Use and Planning Agreement are applicable to each school.

2.3.2 Joint-Use and Planning Agreements must provide for the establishment of a Joint-Use and Planning Committee with equal representation from the Board, and, from the community group or municipality.

2.3.3 Joint-Use and Planning Committees shall be delegated the powers to: Oversee the use of the facilities on an equitable basis for all residents within the jurisdiction of either of the parties to the agreement; Develop and enforce rules and regulations and to set and collect user fees for the use of the facilities; obtain financial reports on the operation of the facilities. Joint-Use and Planning Agreements and all amendments thereto are subject to the prior approval of both the Board, and, the community group or municipality.

2.4 Staff Use of Facilities

2.4.1 Staff wishing to use School Division facilities, sites and/or equipment shall request approval from the Principal or Vice-Principal, or in the case of Central Office staff, from the Associate Superintendent Corporate Services, prior to the activity.

2.4.2 In those instances where equipment is to be taken home to assist in an activity directly related to the staff member’s assignment, the sign out form must be completed and approved by the Principal or Vice-Principal.

2.5 Review of Facility and Land/Site Use

Use The Board may regularly review facility and land/site usage for school programs and school operations to determine efficiency and effective program delivery. Such reviews will be directed to determine the future of such programs or schools when:

2.5.1 The Board believes such a review will improve the availability of programs or efficiency of operations;

2.5.2 Operating, maintenance, renovation, and/or transportation costs place excessive demands on the Division’s budget; or

2.5.3 A review is recommended by the Superintendent.


Education Act: Section 189
Administrative Procedure AP215 – Community Partnerships


2019 Mar 27 Initial Approval
2020 Jan 29 Reviewed
2021 Oct 27 Reviewed
2022 Jun 22 Amended