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710: Employee Recognition


In recognizing the diverse contributions of Division employees and/or community members, the Board of Trustees supports a variety of programs, awards and certificates of recognition.


Long Service Awards

2.1 Appropriate long-service pins and/or gifts may be awarded to employees with five (5) years of continuous service with the Division and for every additional five (5) years of accumulated service thereafter.

2.2 A staff recognition event will be organized on an annual basis where numbers warrant.

2.3 For the purpose of administering this policy, the date each year on which length of service will be determined shall be June 30 of the previous year.

2.4 Years of service will be calculated as follows:

2.4.1 Full and part time service will count as full time service.

2.4.2 Employees must begin working for Sturgeon Public Schools on or before September 30 to be considered for a full year of service.

2.4.3 Length of service will include all personal leaves of less than one year's duration.

2.5 Employees who retired after the previous school year’s recognition event or within the current school year, and who meet two or more of the following criteria will be suitably recognized at the staff recognition event.

2.5.1 Fifteen (15) or more years of accumulated service with the division.

2.5.2 Have taken early retirement. 2.5.3 Have taken a pension through the appropriate pension plan.

2.6 Past employment in a jurisdiction that has been amalgamated with the Division shall be included to calculate length of service.

Certificate of Exceptional Service

At any time, the Board of Trustees may choose to recognize exemplary performance or service of a staff member or “friend of Sturgeon Public Schools” with a Certificate of Exceptional Service.

2.7 Eligibility Criteria

2.7.1 The following criteria will be taken into consideration when determining a Division employee’s suitability for recognition: One who makes an extraordinary contribution to the Division. One who attains an outstanding and unique achievement or who develops a notable advancement in the field of Public Education.

2.7.2 The following criteria will be taken into consideration when determining the suitability for recognition of an individual other than a staff member (otherwise known as a “friend of Sturgeon Public Schools”). One who, over time, makes an extraordinary contribution to the Division

2.8 Nomination Process

2.8.1 External nominations may be made by the Board of Trustees and internal nominations may be suggested by any member of the Division staff.

2.8.2 A written summary or rationale using the Division “Confidential Submission” form must accompany the nomination.

2.8.3 All submissions will be forwarded to the Superintendent.

2.8.4 The Superintendent will review all submissions and will recommend suitable candidates to the Board of Trustees.

2.8.5 The Board will consider and make final determinations relative to awarding a Certificate of Exceptional Service.

2.9 Recognition Ceremony

2.9.1 The Board of Trustees will honor candidates receiving a Certificate of Exceptional Service at a Public Board meeting of their choosing


3.1 The Board shall budget on an annual basis the funds to be allocated for recognition programs.

3.2 The Superintendent or designate shall be responsible for determining the procedure for recognition of employees.

Edwin Parr/Excellence in Teaching Award Programs

3.3 The Superintendent or designate shall coordinate nomination procedures for both programs.


Exceptional Service Recognition “Confidential Submission Form”


2019 Jun 26 Initial Approval
2020 Jan 29 Amended
2021 Oct 27 Reviewed