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220: Communications

Responsible Administrator: Superintendent


The development of a strategic communication plan facilitates timely and coordinated sharing of information regarding the priorities and operation of the school division. As such, it is an important component in the process of increasing awareness, understanding and support of public education and the division.


1. The strategic communication plan shall establish goals and objectives of the division, identify target audiences, include proposed actions, assign responsibility for implementation and provide for evaluation of the effectiveness of the plan.

2. The Superintendent shall strike a budget to allow for the effective implementation of the strategic communication plan.

3. Preparation of the strategic communications plan shall be coordinated by the Superintendent or designate and will be provided to the Board as information.

4. When Board policy or programs are created or changed, or specific actions taken, the communications implications should be reviewed and, where appropriate, specific communication strategies developed.

5. The Chair of the Board and Superintendent shall function as the official representatives of the Board, authorized to speak on behalf of the Board and/or schools on all matters involving the Division.


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval