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240: System, School and Program Evaluation

Responsible Administrator: Superintendent


Schools, programs and the school system may be evaluated to determine if objectives and outcomes are appropriate for the attainment of a high level of student achievement and for the optimal use of physical, human and economic resources.

The need for any school, program or system evaluation should be identified as part of the priorities set annually for the school year.


The Superintendent is responsible for the process of establishing guidelines for any evaluation undertaken including timing, format, and personnel to be involved.


1. School, program and system evaluations shall focus on one or more of the following:

1.1 the suitability of goals, policies, and objectives of the Division;

1.2 the performance of the delivery system in the achievement of the goals and objectives of the Division, and the implementation of policy; and

1.3 the results achieved by the Division, including Provincial Achievement Test results and/or Diploma Exam results.

2. All policies, guidelines and procedures associated with school, program and system evaluations shall be in keeping with the intent of the policies, guidelines and procedures of Alberta Education.

3. School evaluations will be used to assist in making decisions with respect to:

3.1 philosophy, goals and policies of the school;

3.2 programs to be offered in the school;

3.3 school organization and management;

3.4 quality of instruction; and

3.5 level of student achievement.

4. Program evaluations will be used to assist in the decision-making process with reference to:

4.1 alignment to statutory and policy requirements;

4.2 the maintenance, modification, or discontinuation of existing programs;

4.3 the need for development and implementation of other programs;

4.4 the ways in which existing or proposed objectives could be attained in a more efficient and effective manner; and

4.5 the ways in which student results on Provincial Achievement Tests and/or Diploma Exams can be improved.

5. A school system evaluation shall be used to make decisions with respect to:

5.1 the maintenance, modification or discontinuation of present fiscal, management, and program objectives of the Division;

5.2 ways in which the objectives of the fiscal, management, and program components can be attained in a more efficient and effective manner;

5.3 ways in which the school system can better support schools to ensure student success on provincial assessments.

6. In exceptional circumstances, Alberta Education may be requested to assist with school, program, and/or system evaluations. Such requests all, whenever possible, be made by the Superintendent to the appropriate officials of Alberta Education prior to June 30th of the previous school year.

7. The results of school, program and system evaluations may be released to the public upon approval of the Board.

8. The results of program and school evaluation may form part of school system evaluations.

9. Each school principal may annually evaluate or provide for the evaluation of programs in his/her school, ensuring that the staff is actively involved in the process and that the School Council is provided with an opportunity for consultation. When undertaken, such evaluation shall include, but not be limited to, analysis of student results on provincial assessments and shall form part of the process in consultations on special education programming, development of the school action plan and the school annual achievement results report.


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval