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245: Health and Safety

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Human Resources


Sturgeon Public Schools recognizes its responsibility for providing services and facilities that will maintain, if not enhance, the physical well-being of students and staff; and awareness of and compliance with the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Code, and Regulations.


The Principal/site manager is responsible to administer in a reasonable manner this Administrative Procedure.


1. Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committee (JWHSC)

1.1 A Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committee (JWHSC) will be established for the division as per the terms of reference.

2. Training

2.1 Principals shall develop and implement an information and training program capable of achieving the following objectives:

2.1.1 All school staff will become aware of the health, safety and medical needs of those students with whom they interact.

2.1.2 School administrators will become aware of the health, safety and medical needs of teachers and other staff under their supervision.

2.1.3 All school staff will be able to utilize the safety equipment available.

2.1.4 All school administrators and staff will be aware of their rights and obligations under the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, its Code and Regulations.

2.2 All new employees shall complete the Occupational, Health and Safety Orientation training.

2.3 The information program shall, in addition to such other matters as the Principal deems necessary, identify:

2.3.1 Sites and staff members within the school from whom medical attention can be obtained.

2.3.2 Acceptable procedures for securing medical assistance in emergency situations.

3. Response to Safety Concerns

3.1 Areas within a worksite, which have high accident rates shall direct the attention of staff members to the following policies, regulations and recommendations:

3.1.1 Recommendations of Alberta Education and the Occupational Health and Safety Council regarding safety equipment and procedures to be utilized in Science and Industrial Education classrooms and work sites.

3.2 Policies and regulations of the Board related to:

3.2.1 Enrolment of disabled and medication-dependent students.

3.2.2 Administration of medication to students.

3.2.3 Transportation of ill or injured students.

3.2.4 Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities conducted off school premises or outside the normal operating day.

3.2.5 Reporting accidents of students and staff.

4. Medical Safety

4.1 The Principal shall ensure the appropriate number of employees have been trained in First Aid according to Alberta Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

4.2 An effective means of providing for health and safety is achieved through a well-informed staff and student body.

4.2.1 The Principal and teachers shall co-operate with the local health authority assigned to the Division in providing a health program that will: Provide for student immunization and examination at appropriate levels as indicated by the local health authority. Provide for student dental care and education at appropriate grade levels as indicated by the dental health representative of the local health authority. Provide for student educational programs, in addition to those specified by various statements in programs of studies, which are deemed beneficial to students by the local health authority and the administration of the various schools in the Division.

4.2.2 The Principal shall also ensure that: A "medical room” is provided for the use by ill or injured students. The staff co-operates with the health nurse and dental health representatives in obtaining Parent Consent Forms and in supplying class lists of students on request. The Principal and staff shall co-operate with local disaster services agencies. The Principal shall ensure that employees are familiar with the Sturgeon Public Schools Emergency Preparedness Response Plan, local government disaster services plans and procedures and that First Aid equipment as supplied by the Board is available and accessible to everyone. Proper evacuation procedures are established and implemented in accordance with provincial fire regulations and Division procedures.

5. Lockdown

5.1 Each school shall perform a lockdown at least two (2) times each year.

6. Fire Safety

6.1 Site Evacuation and Relocation

6.1.1 Each site Principal shall ensure annually that all staff are aware of the established secondary and tertiary evacuation facilities. The secondary facility shall be a community facility within walking distance of the site. 

6.2 To comply with fire safety regulations, the Principal and Superintendent or designate shall:

6.2.1 Discuss evacuation and fire safety procedures with staff including all provincial regulations pertaining to fire safety.

6.2.2 Ensure procedures for the elimination of fire hazards.

6.2.3 Ensure provision for the application of fire safety drills six (6) times each year in schools and two (2) times each year at Central Services.

6.2.4 Ensure that all staff adhere to fire safety regulations.

6.2.5 Maintain a record of all fire drills, which shall include the date, evacuation time and comments relating to the drill. 6.3 Teachers are responsible for:

6.3.1 Discussing evacuation and fire safety procedures with their students.

6.3.2 Participating in fire drills along with their students.

6.3.3 Maintaining “good housekeeping” standards within their classroom to minimize potential fire hazards. 6.3.4 Ensuring that all potentially hazardous materials are properly stored and handled.

7. Custodians, under the supervision of the Director of Facilities through the Associate Superintendent Human Resources and in cooperation with the Principal and teachers shall:

7.1 Ensure that all storage, mechanical and service rooms are clean and orderly.

7.2 Ensure that all potentially hazardous materials are properly stored and handled.

7.3 Ensure that all exit and emergency lights in the school are operable.

7.4 Ensure that doors are not propped open, obstructed, or secured by unapproved means.

7.5 Ensure that corridors are free of obstructions (i.e. boxes, tables, etc.)

7.6 Inspect the school as provided in the School Fire Safety Checklist, and to report immediately to the Principal who shall immediately take steps to have the deficiencies remedied.

8. Custodians, under the supervision of the Director of Facilities through the Associate Superintendent Human Resources and in cooperation with the Principal shall ensure the following items are evaluated for fire safety. The frequency of these items are to be checked using the following schedule: Daily-D; Weekly-W; Monthly-M; Yearly-Y.

8.1 Fire Protection Equipment (M)

• Fire Extinguishers

o Are they fully charged

o Are they date-tagged

o Are they in their proper locations

• Fire Hoses (M)

o Are all hoses in good repair

o Are nozzles and wrenches located at each hose station

o Fire Alarm System

o Is the alarm operative

o When was the alarm last tested

• Emergency Lighting (M)

o Is it operative

o When was it last maintained

8.2 General Maintenance

• Are corridors free from obstruction (D)

• Are fire exits clear (D)

o Do doors operate freely

o Does panic hardware operate freely

• Are all rooms free from litter (D)

8.3 Electrical

• Are all electrical wires, conduit and lighting fixtures properly supported and connected (M)

• Are any motors, fuse boxes, or control equipment overheating (D)

• Are covers missing from fuse boxes, junction boxes, etc. (W)

• Are all circuit breakers operational (M)

• Are all emergency lights operational (M)

8.4 Heating Units

• Are all heating units in good condition and operating properly (W)

• Are all combustible materials removed from these areas (D)

• Are furnace room doors closed and locked (D)

8.5 Doors

• Do fire doors close automatically (M)

• Are manual fire doors kept closed (D)

8.6 Laboratories

• Do gas shut-off valves work properly (D)

• Is a fire extinguisher available (W)

• Is the ventilation system operating properly (M)

• Are dangerous chemicals and flammable liquids properly stored (D)

8.7 Career and Technology Studies / Art Room

• Are welding areas free of combustible or flammable liquids (D)

• Are proper refuse containers supplied (D)

• Is equipment free of excessive accumulations of oil, grease, and other debris (D)

• Are paints and solvents properly stored (D)

• Are flammable liquids properly stored (D)

• Is kiln area free from combustibles (D)

• Are flammable materials safely stored away from heat sources (D)

• Is a dry chemical extinguisher supplied (W)

• Is the ventilation system operating properly (M)

9. Laboratory Safety

9.1 Teachers shall wear and require students to wear safety and protective equipment recommended by Alberta Education and the Occupational Health and Safety Council for use in their instructional programs and other school approved activities.

9.2 Teachers shall ensure that all students are adequately informed of proper operating techniques for any equipment that students are required to operate as part of their educational program.

9.3 Teachers shall stress the importance of safety in handling dangerous chemicals and apparatus.

9.4 Teachers shall provide adequate, safe storage of all potentially hazardous chemicals or failing this, notify the Principal of their inability to provide such storage.

9.5 The Principal, upon notification of inadequate storage facilities, shall make recommendation to the Associate Superintendent Human Resources with the view to rectifying the existing situation.

9.6 Teachers shall ensure that all equipment in these areas is properly inspected and maintained to ensure their proper operation.

9.7 Teachers shall ensure that all supplies and materials are stored, handled and disposed of, in accordance with procedures outlined by Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).

9.8 Only chemicals approved by Alberta Education shall be used for instructional purposes.


Admin Procedure: 305 SPS Emergency Preparedness Response Plan
Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Code and Regulations
Alberta Workers Compensation Board Regulations
Hour Zero Crisis Consulting Ltd.


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2022 Oct 26 Amended