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315: Volunteers

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Human Resources


Sturgeon Public Schools recognizes the contributions made by volunteers through assisting, supporting and enhancing school programs.


Duty of Care: shall mean a legal principle which identifies the obligations of individuals to take reasonable measures to care for and to protect all students to an appropriate level or standard. Students are vulnerable by default, however, if they cannot protect, defend, or assert themselves, permanently or temporarily because of age, disability, or circumstances, then that duty becomes more intense and the standard higher.

Standard of Care: refers to the degree or level of service, attention, care and protection that one owes another according to the law; usually this is considered with the laws relating to negligence. The required standard varies according to the circumstances of each situation.

Volunteer: Shall mean an individual who assists the school and/or students in curricular and/or extra-curricular activities, not including Division employees, guest speakers, presenters, special visitors to the school or School Council members while in their role as School Council members.

Vulnerable Sector Check: shall refer to an enhanced criminal record check. The type of record check was created in 2000 to protect children and vulnerable persons and is governed by section 6.3(3) of the Criminal Records Act.


1. The school Principal shall establish guidelines for the involvement of volunteers in schools and shall ensure that school level practices adhere to all Division policies and administrative procedures and shall include the following:

1.1 Task descriptions for classroom and out-of-classroom volunteers;

1.2 Specific orientation, training, and supervision by teachers for classroom and in-school volunteers;

1.3 Written expectations or specific guidelines including the willingness to be trained, confidentiality, suitability for volunteering and procedures for communicating absences;

1.4 Method of tracking volunteer activities and hours donated;

1.5 Method of recognizing volunteer service.

2. The school Principal shall ensure that volunteers taking part in field trips and in coaching and other responsibilities requiring sole-supervisory responsibility  of students will provide the school with a current criminal  record check and vulnerable sector verification before the volunteer can be assigned to such activities.

2.1 Ideally, volunteer opportunities shall generally be established to avoid the necessity of vulnerable sector verifications.

2.2 Criminal record check and vulnerable sector verification, if applicable, are to be renewed every three years.

2.3 If a volunteer moves schools within the Division, a new criminal record check and vulnerable sector verification, if applicable,  is required.

3. Volunteers shall demonstrate a standard of care, expected in individual circumstances, that is of a reasonable or prudent person.

4. The standard of care shall be continuously utilized including a consideration of the following:

4.1  Performing or responding such that a reasonable person of average judgement, skill and experience, would be expected to do - or not do - under similar circumstances.

4.2  continuously applying a consideration of the risks involved in any situation, given the nature of the activity, the participants, the setting, the availability of support or assistance, and the other relevant factors; and

4.3  Consideration of the consequences of an action - or lack of action - that a reasonable person of average judgement, skills, memory and experience would be expected to foresee.

5. A copy of school level practices will be forwarded to the Deputy Superintendent’s office for information.


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2023 Oct 25 Amended