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320: Form Development and Management

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Corporate Services


Sturgeon Public Schools recognizes that all forms in the Division should be consistent and standard.


The Associate Superintendent Corporate Services will be responsible to administer this administrative procedure.


1. All forms are to be initiated and created by the department responsible forthe collection of the information. The form must be identified as:

1.1 Operational requirement; or

1.2 Divisional requirement.

2. The process and requirement of the form is to be vetted by the Central Office Senior Executive Team.

3. The Executive Assistant to the Associate Superintendent Corporate Services will:

3.1 Review with the department that initiated the form.

3.2 Ensure the visual identity for the form conforms to Division requirements.

3.3 Inform the appropriate users of availability.

3.4 Maintain a central binder with a printed copy.

3.5 Ensure the form is placed on the central server.

3.6 Ensure that all forms are updated regularly.

3.7 Ensure old forms are to destroyed.

4. New forms will be used from the effective date.


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval