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325: Advertising or Canvassing in Schools

Responsible Administrator: Superintendent


Schools should not be used as a means of economical or convenient avenue of approach to parents, students and staff or for distribution of materials, goods and services by non-school related agencies or individuals.

Certain campaigns, distribution and advertising may be appropriate for school participation if they meet the following criteria:

  • they are compliant with legislation
  • they do not interfere with the educational operation of the school
  • they are compatible with SPS and community values
  • they result in a direct and specific benefit to students


The distribution of materials relative to education, community organizations, school or school-related fundraising shall be left to the discretion of the school Principal or Superintendent, as site appropriate, who shall be responsible for ensuring adherence to the following requirements.


1. The following is prohibited in school:

1.1 Advertising, canvassing, sale or distribution of goods without the prior written approval of the Principal.

1.2 Providing lists of names and addresses of staff, students, or parents to any outside individual, company or organization.

1.3 The sale or distribution for sale of tickets or goods, canvassing of, and the taking of collections from pupils within the schools or on Board property by or on behalf of any outside individual or organization during instructional hours.

1.4 Any promotion, advertising, distribution of materials, goods or services by which any individual staff member might accrue any financial gain.

2. The following is prohibited in Central Office:

2.1 Advertising, canvassing, sale or distribution of material without the prior written approval of the Superintendent.



Education Act: Section 256


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2021 Jan 13 Amended