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455: Recovery of Overpayment to Employees

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Corporate Services


At times, an employee may be inadvertently overpaid for a period of one or more months.


1.0 The overpayment recovery should occur over the same period of time as the original overpayment occurred.

2.0 For example, if an employee was overpaid $300 a month for three (3) months, the overpayment recovery would be $900 in total. Rather than deduct the total $900 from the next paycheque, the recovery should be $300 a month over the next three (3) months; i.e. at the same rate as the overpayment occurred.

3.0 If an employee is repaying an overpayment and their contract ends, the recovery will be deducted from their last paycheque.

4.0 An employee has the option to repay any overpayment at a faster rate if so desired.

5.0 If an employee refuses to repay, the Division reserves the right to turn over to the appropriate authorities


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval