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490: Disposal of Obsolete Computer Equipment

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Corporate Services



To limit the continued use of equipment past its expected lifespan in order to mitigate data security risks and costly maintenance. The disposal of obsolete equipment needs to be undertaken in an environmentally responsible manner.


The Associate Superintendent Corporate Services, in consultation with the Director Technology and Logistics, shall maintain and facilitate this Administrative Procedure.


1. Computer hardware older than five (5) years shall be deemed obsolete.

2. On an annual basis, in consultation with the Director of Technology and Logistics, the school Principals shall identify additional computer hardware, less than five years old but not in working order, as obsolete.

3. When computer hardware is deemed obsolete the following procedure, for disposal of same, will be followed.

3.1 Annually, the Director Technology and Logistics will request that Principals complete and submit the “Obsolete Equipment” form.

3.2 The Director Technology and Logistics will coordinate pickup and disposal of obsolete equipment and securing of data.


Admin Procedure:

300 Security of Personal and Division Information
721 Teachers and Professional Development
727 Support Staff and Professional Development
865 Information and Communication Technology


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval