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727: Support Staff and Professional Development

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Human Resources



Sturgeon Public Schools support staff benefit from opportunities to continue to develop skills and acquire knowledge in order to meet the needs of students. The Division provides a means for support staff to continue their learning.

Support staff may participate in professional development activities that take place when the support staff member is not scheduled for regular duties.


The Associate Superintendent Human Resources is responsible for administering this Administrative Procedure.


1.0 Support staff are expected to participate in staff development activities subject to budget limitations and time availability as determined by their supervisor or Principal.

2.0 Support staff participating in professional development activities that occur outside their normal working hours will not receive any compensation for same, unless they are directed to attend the professional development activity by their Principal/supervisor.

3.0 If the Principal/supervisor directs the support staff member to attend a professional development activity that falls outside the member’s normal working hours, the employee shall be compensated according to the provisions of the CUPE Collective Agreement.



CUPE Collective Agreement


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval