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731: Return to Work

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Human Resources



To ensure a safe return to work, thereby decreasing the chances of a reoccurrence of the injury/illness.


Human Resources will be responsible for maintaining this procedure.


1. Prior to an employee returning to work, when they have been absent due to illness for more than thirty (30) or more calendar days, the employee must submit an original medical certificate signed by a doctor or the approved form noted in the applicable Collective Agreement to Human Resources indicating that they are fit to return to regular duties.

2.Should the employee be fit to return to gradual or modified duties, Human Resources will determine with the supervisor if there are accommodations that can be made for a safe return to work within the guidelines outlined by the employee’s doctor.

3.Human Resources will inform the Payroll Department of the date the employee has returned to work.



Collective Agreement; General Employment Conditions


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval