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732: SPS Employees Seeking or Elected to Public Office

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Human Resources



Sturgeon Public Schools believes that employees who are elected to public office are rendering public service and should be supported in their willingness to serve.


The Associate Superintendent Human Resources is responsible for maintaining this Administrative Procedure.


1. Leaves of absence will be granted to staff members seeking to be or elected to public office according to the following guidelines:

1.1 Leave of absence without pay for up to six days in a school year shall be granted to an employee who is seeking to be or has been elected to a civic office.

1.2 An employee who is elected to a provincial (MLA) or federal (MP) government office or other full-time office, shall be granted a leave of absence without pay for the duration of one term of government.

1.3 An employee may retain their regular benefits while on leave, if they agree to pay the employer and employee share of premiums directly to th e benefit provider unless he/she is elected to a provincial, federal, or other full-time office.

2. Application for leaves of absence to attend conferences shall be made at least two weeks in advance of the proposed dates of such leave to allow processing the request.

2.1 Application for extended leave of absence shall follow staffing timelines.

3. All applications for leave under this Administrative Procedure shall be directed to the Superintendent for approval.

4. Leave for a teacher that extends beyond one school year, shall be subject to the receipt of a resignation from designation to any supervisory or administrative position.

5. Any leave required for this purpose is subject to Admin Procedure 730Sturgeon Public Schools Employee Absences/Leaves – All Staff.



Admin Procedure: 730 Sturgeon Public Schools Employee Absences/Leaves – All Staff


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval