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734: Certificated Staff Leaves of Absence ATA

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Human Resources



At times, teachers with full time continuous contracts wish to reduce their teaching assignment to less than full time without losing their full time continuing contract status with the Division. Teachers also, from time to time, may have opportunities for alternative professional assignments outside the division, or other needs or goals for which a full long-term leave of absence is appropriate. A leave of absence may be a source of wellness for the staff member, may provide flexibility for staffing, and may allow for the infusion of new staff and new ideas into the system.


The Assistant Superintendent Human Resources is responsible for granting leaves of absence in accordance with the following Administrative Procedure.


1. Application for a leave of absence shall be made, in writing, to the Associate Superintendent Human Resources.

2. The Associate Superintendent Human Resources, in consultation with the Deputy Superintendent Education Services, will determine whether or not the leave requested will be granted in light of staffing needs for the Division.

3. If granted the leave of absence, the staff member would retain their full time status with the Division in that the sum of their assigned FTE and their leave of absence would equal 1.0 FTE.

4. Leaves of absence, whether partial or full time, will be granted on a one year basis and will not be extended beyond two consecutive years.

5. If a teacher is leaving Sturgeon Public Schools to be employed as a teacher with another school jurisdiction within Alberta, a leave of absence from Sturgeon Public Schools will not be granted.

6.It is understood that all such leaves are ‘leaves from the Division’. Upon return, the teacher shall be assigned to a school where the teacher’s education and experience will be effectively utilized.

7. The teacher may request return to the same school in which the teacher taught prior to the leave, or to another school, and such requests will be accommodated where, in the opinion of the division, educational priorities are best served and operational requirements permit.



Board Policy: 715 Educational Leaves of Certificated Staff

ATA Collective Agreement


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval