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800: Language Programs

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Education Services



Student learning is enhanced and enriched by opportunities to study languages.

Sturgeon Public Schools supports providing opportunities for students to have access to second language courses in languages other than English or French.

French is an official language of Canada and the opportunity to study French is to be provided in all Division schools.


The Associate Superintendent Education Services is responsible for maintaining this Administrative Procedure.


French as a Second Language

1. There is an expectation that all students in Grades 4 –6 will have the opportunity to participate in French as a Second Language instruction.

1.1 There may be circumstances where a principal and/or parent/guardian may request an exemption from French as a Second Language instruction.

1.2 Any requests for exemption shall be forwarded in writing to the Associate Superintendent, Education Services for review and approval.

2. Students shall have the opportunity to participate in French as a Second Language instruction in Grades 7-12 where sufficient numbers support programming.

French Immersion

3. The Alberta Education Program of Studies shall be used as the basis of delivery of French Immersion Programming.

4. French Immersion is available in the Division where community interest, enrolment and facility requirements can support programming.

Additional Languages

5. Other language programs as approved by Alberta Education may be offered in the Division provided student interest and enrolment is sufficient.


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2020 Jul 24 Amended