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805: Assessment, Evaluation & Reporting Student Achievement

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Education Services



Sturgeon Public Schools believes that fair and just practices for accurate assessment, evaluation and reporting of student achievement in relation to Alberta Learning outcomes form an essential component of a quality educational system.

The Primary Responsibility for continuing evaluation of student achievement lies with each school and its teachers.

The Division believes in the importance of reporting to parents/guardians the assessment and evaluation criteria as well as student achievement information.


The Associate Superintendent Education Services is responsible for maintaining this Administrative Procedure.


1. The following terms for the use of this administrative procedure and the interpretation of related documentation and actions are defined as:

1.1 “Fair” means free from bias or dishonesty, and “fairness” is concerned with addressing the student as an individual.

1.2 “Just” means deserved, and “justice” is concerned with assessing groups of students equitably, in accordance to learning outcomes.

1.3 “Accurate” means to be correct or true, and “accurate assessment” correctly reflects a student’s understanding or demonstration of learning outcomes.

1.4 “Assessment” refers to the process of collecting, interpreting, and communicating information about a student’s progress in relation to the learning outcomes.

1.4.1 “Formative assessment” or “assessment for learning” is an ongoing exchange of information between students and teachers to: inform students, about their progress towards achieving the intended learning outcome(s), identify the gains and difficulties students are experiencing in what they are being asked to learn or perform, provide specific, descriptive and meaningful feedback that encourages growth, and inform teachers of student progress, allowing timely adjustments to instruction where necessary.

1.4.2 “Summative assessment” or “assessment of learning” refers to assessment that takes place after an instructional segment such as a group of integrated lessons, unit, reporting period or grade to: describe the degree to which each student can demonstrate the achievement of learning outcomes as set out in the programs of study, provide accurate information of each student’s strengths and areas of need to inform teachers evaluations and communication to students and parents/guardians, and evaluate the effectiveness of the instruction used during the instructional segment to inform future teaching practice.

1.5 “Evaluation” is judgment about the student’s level of understanding or performance of learning outcomes based on evidence gathered from a variety of assessment methods.

1.6 “Reporting” refers to communication of student achievement; “formal reporting” refers to written reports for permanent records used to communicate student progress to parents and to assist in programming decisions; “informal reporting” refers to progress reports not kept in the student’s file or oral reporting to parents.

2. Assessment, evaluation and reporting of student achievement are the responsibility of a student’s teachers under the supervision of the school Principal.

3. Assessment shall include clear and timely communication between parents/guardians, students and teachers.

4. Principals shall ensure that the school has a clear and concise policy related to the assessment and evaluation of student achievement in accordance with Board policy and guidelines and Alberta Education regulations.

5. Principals shall ensure that teachers use the Divisional reporting system to provide clear and concise information on student achievement to student, parents/guardians and school staff.

6. Principals shall ensure that:

6.1 Each student in Kindergarten to grade 9 receives a minimum of three timely written teacher comments concerning individual,academic growth during a full year course either from their homeroom teacher or a subject specialist as determined by the principal.

6.2 Each student in grade 10 to 12 receives a minimum of three timely written teacher comments concerning individual, subject specific, academic growth during a full year course, or two timely academic comments for a semestered course. One comment will be completed by the end of the course and include a recommendation for programming advancement.

6.3 Teachers who teach a complementary course or non-core course shall provide students with a minimum of one written comment by the end of their course.

7. Teachers shall ensure that learning outcomes for each course and/or program and the criteria for successful completion of each are clearly specified and communicated to students and parents/guardians at the beginning of each course or program.

7.1 The course description, including learning outcomes, evaluation components and weighting, shall be available online and referenced in the section of the Teacher Gradebook provided for such description.

7.2 The course description, evaluation components and weightings shall be updated annually or as otherwise required.

8. Teachers shall ensure that a variety of assessment techniques, are used to measure student growth and achievement. Summative assessments are included in the Teacher Gradebook.

8.1 Descriptions shall be included for all assessment tasks shown in the Teacher Gradebook. The description shall also include the date on which the assigned assessment task is due, and include or reference, where applicable, any rubric, scale or other criteria used to judge student performance on the task.

8.2 Notwithstanding the exercise of teacher judgment regarding the progress of any student, formative assessments shall not normally be included in the determination of a student’s final grade.

9. A student’s final standing in any course shall be based on a number of indicators of achievement throughout the term.

10. Evaluation of student growth as a learner and development of personal and social skills shall be reported separate from academic achievement of learner outcomes.

11. Using the electronic reporting system mandated by the Division, updating of student progress towards achievement of learning outcomes shall be undertaken by teachers in a timely manner as directed by the Superintendent and communicated through the Superintendent’s Administrator Council.

12. Student achievement shall be reported in writing to students and parents/guardians on a schedule approved as part of the school’s annual program planning by the Principal.

13. A schedule of parent-teacher interviews shall be approved as part of the school’s annual program planning by the Principal and be complemented by additional home contact as needed to support student growth and achievement.

14 .The Principal shall develop and apprise students and parents/guardians of an appropriate school appeal policy for when a student or parent/guardian requests a review of a final achievement mark in a course.



Board Policy: 245 Appeals Regarding Student Matters


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2021 May 20 Amended