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820: Locally Developed Courses

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Education Services



Sturgeon Public Schools believes that locally developed courses meet specific educational needs of students.


The Associate Superintendent,Education Services, is responsible for locally developed courses offered in schools.


1. Learning resources to be used in any locally developed course shall be selected in accordance with all policies, regulations and Administrative Procedures.

2. Revalidation of locally developed courses shall take place in accordance with Alberta Education regulations and is the responsibility of the school principal.

3. The Principal of a school shall ensure that any locally developed course has the approval of boththe Board and the Minister of Education before the course is offered in a school.



Education Act: Sections 18(1), 53(2)

Guide to Education: Locally Developed Courses

Alberta Education Policy 1.2.1 –Locally Developed/Acquired and Authorized Junior and Senior High School Complementary Courses


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2020 Jul 24 Amended