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830: Controversial Issues in Education

Responsible Administrator: Deputy Superintendent Education Services


Sturgeon Public Schools believes that through a well-rounded education, students are motivated and supported to pursue their unique path in future success.

By working together we create safe, respectful and collaborative learning environments where students are prepared to meet, and excel at, the challenges presented by a global community.

Opportunities to deal with sensitive issues and topics are an integral part of student learning.

Studying controversial issues is important in preparing students to participate responsibly in a democratic and pluralistic society.

Controversial issues must be handled in a balanced manner that respects the rights and opinions reflected by different perspectives.


The Deputy Superintendent, Education Services shall be responsible for maintaining the procedure.


  1. When a controversial issue is addressed, the information presented shall:
    1.1 Be of an educational nature.
    1.2 Represent alternative points of view, subject to the condition that resources used are not restricted by any federal or provincial law, or by the policy of the Board of Trustees.
    1.3 Appropriately reflect the maturity, capabilities, and educational needs of students.
    1.4 Effectively meet the requirements of provincially prescribed and approved courses of study and education programs.
    1.5 Reflect local, as well as provincial, national and international contexts.
  2. Controversial issues which have been anticipated by the teacher and those which may arise incidentally in the course of instruction shall be used to promote critical inquiry rather than advocacy for a particular position.

  3. The school should play a supportive role to that of the parent/guardian in the areas of values and moral development and shall handle parent views on controversial issues with respect and sensitivity.

  4. As per Section 58.2 of the Education Act, notification to parents/guardians is required where the instructional materials, exercises, outcomes and courses contain subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion or human sexuality.

  5. As per Admin Procedure 825 CALM/Health Human Sexuality, the communication of this information to parent(s)/guardian(s) will occur a minimum of two weeks prior to the introduction of the human sexuality segments of the program.


Admin Procedure: 825 CALM/Health Human Sexuality
Education Act Section 58
Alberta Human Rights Act:  3(1), 3(2)
Alberta Education Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2020 Jul 24 Amended