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840: Course Challenge

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Education Services



Sturgeon Public Schools believes that senior high school students in the Division who believe they already possess the knowledge, skills and attributes prescribed by the Program of Studies for a course, shall be allowed to demonstrate these learnings through special assessment opportunities.

A course challenge allows a senior high school student to be fairly evaluated, given a final course mark and, if successful, earn credits in the challenged course.


The Associate Superintendent,Education Services shall be responsible for maintaining this Administrative Procedure. Each senior high school Principal shall be responsible for developing and maintaining school policy on a course challenge process which is consistent with Alberta Education’s Guide to Education directions and follows Board guidelines.


1. The school policy shall be developed in appropriate consultation with parents/guardians and students. This policy can be amended only prior to March 1st for course challenges that apply for the next school year and must be filed with the Associate Superintendent,Education Services.

2. The Principal will establish procedures to communicate to parents/ guardians and students the availability of and procedures for course challenges, including application deadlines.

3. Course challenges shall be administered at a senior high school according to school policy only after the student is registered at that school.

4. The Principal shall ensure that each course challenge includes strategies that will assess learning outcomes for the course as outlined in the Program of Studies.

5. The Principal shall assign the administration and evaluation of the course challenge to a certificated teacher who has expertise in the course/subject being challenged.

6. The Principal shall ensure that at the time of the decision, information is provided to the student on appeal procedures in relation to:

6.1 the refusal of the student’s application for a challenge assessment,and

6.2 the final standing or grade awarded as result of a completed challenge assessment.



Guide to Education: ECS to Grade 12


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval
2020 Jul 24 Amended