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865: Information and Communication Technology

Responsible Administrator: Associate Superintendent Corporate Services



To ensure technology is used in the service of learning and supports efficient system administration and operations.


The Associate Superintendent Corporate Services shall maintain and facilitate this Administrative Procedure.


1. The Superintendent or designate shall ensure technology is aligned in support of the Three Year Education Plan.

2. The Associate Superintendent Corporate Services shall be responsible for the oversight and monitoring of the Division Technology Evergreening Plan.

2.1 Technology purchases, deployment, installation and associated costs included in the Division’s Technology Evergreening plan are the responsibility of the Division’s Technology Services Department.

2.2 The Division’s Evergreening Plan includes technology for teachers, administrators, administrative support and system software.

2.3 Schools wishing to add, modify or enhance technology will contact the Director of Technology and Logistics to ensure compatibility and associated costs, including labour at a rate of $50.00/hour, to the school based budget.

2.4 The Principal, in collaboration with the Technology Services Department, shall review annually and implement the school plan for school-based technologies within available budget allocations.

3. The Principal, in consultation with the Technology Services Department, shall be responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the school technology plan in alignment with the Division’s Three Year Education Plan. The annual school plan shall ensure:

3.1 Equitable and appropriate access to devices, network resources, and other technologies for all students.

3.2 Appropriate access to devices, network resources and other technologies for staff in the performance of responsibilities.

4. Software

4.1 Principals must ensure the Director of Technology and Logistics is consulted before any device accesses the network to seek approval.

4.1.1 Installation of new technology must be managed by the Technology Services Department.

5. Guidelines for Purchases

5.1 Technology purchases are based on Division standards.

5.2 The Technology Services Department responds to requests for service through the HelpDesk.

5.3 There are no costs associated with allocating existing resources (i.e. software licenses and devices)

5.4 Facility Services prioritizes emergent requests for repairs through their HelpDesk.


2020 Jan 29 Initial Approval